Complete Property Sales Report

Complete Property Sales Report

The Complete Property Sales Report contains comprehensive information about house and land dimensions, sales history and median growth rates, demographic data and planning permits issued near a particular property. It also combines information from the International Crime Victimisation Survey to highlight how safe a suburb is, and provides a walk score detailing proximity to public amenities.

$49.95 AUD

Product Overview

Our Complete Property Sales Report is an extensive overview of the individual property you are looking to buy. Our alliance with the Real Estate Institute gives you the inside information used by licensed real estate agents when valuing a property. This low cost report covers an overview of the suburb and its amenities, including distance from CBD and demographic overview into education, workforce and population numbers, as well as growth rates, planning permits and safety/walk scores.

Who Is It For?

A property report is ideal for anybody in the property market - first home buyers, couples upgrading to a family home, investors and developers.

What Do You Get Out Of It?

The information contained within a property report includes:

Property specifications: This provides the number of rooms, land area and property features to help you determine the property's suitability to you and your partner/family.

Price trends: This provides current and historical price trends to help you assess the area's overall growth and prosperity within a certain time-frame. Includes historical median house or unit sales figures, along with historical details about the particular property, such as its past sale dates and prices, the selling agent at the time and the property description they used, and any images to help you determine changes to the property over time.

Demographic overview: This relates to the educational and occupational characteristics of a suburb, giving a snapshot of average weekly household incomes, housing expenditure and assets of households, education levels, loan (mortgage etc.) size, average rental amount, and average population age of its citizens. It also shows the property type, revealing the number of properties that are rented privately or by the government. 

Safety rating:  This section provides a comprehensive "how safe is my suburb?" rating for over 8000 Australian suburbs, comprised from the International Crime Victimisation Survey (ICVS), which asked participants to rate how safe they felt walking alone and waiting for (or using) public transport in their area after dark.

Walk score: This reveals the property's proximity to shops, schools, health services, public transport and other amenities to indicate the area's convenience and liveability.

Planning Permit Report: This allows you to discover planning permits that may have been issued in the area by relevant local government offices. An uninformed buyer could buy a property with a multi level development due to be built next to it in the future, impacting its privacy and resale value. All permits can be viewed in detail if required. We search over a 400 metre radius for current permits.

Free Propertychecker App:  Another great addition to our property product suite is our FREE PropertyChecker app, available on any Apple and Android device. PropertyChecker gives you the power to compile a comprehensive checklist analysis and of any property you inspect, determine an overall rating, and save the information for later research.

The Application Process

You must specify a 'Sale Date From' and 'Sale Date To' range for the property, followed by the property address, the state and suburb or postcode it is located in. A report should be generated and delivered within the hour.

Why Go With Information Brokers?

Information Brokers is dedicated to providing the highest standard in search and intelligence services – it's why we're the only company to provide an all-encompassing range of company, personal property, land data and web services all in the one location.

Our expert local support staff are on hand to help you with any queries, guaranteeing a high level customer service and satisfaction. With partnerships with a range of government bodies and public databases to deliver authentic reports, our services are official and verified.