Propertychecker is the property checklist application that takes the power away from a real estate agent and puts it into your hands.

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PropertyChecker puts the power back in the consumer's hands. It helps a home buyer make an informed purchase decision without having to rely on data from agents or vendors - who may leave out undesirable information - by providing comprehensive information about a property and the suburb it is located in.

The PropertyChecker App is available for any type of residential property at any address in Australia, and ensures a consumer is fully informed about the address they are interested in through three vital components: sales history, planning permits, and property features.

The Sales history is a rundown of the current and historical sales figures for the current property and its suburb, indicating the area's growth rate and investment potential. The planning permit checker helps users discover any future building plans that may impact the value of the property they are interested in. The feature checklist lets a consumer keep track of property features that may influence their purchase decision, such as number of bedrooms, land size, pool and garage, etc. This checklist comes in both digital and print formats.

Users can add notes and photos to accompany their property research at any time, and at the conclusion of their research, give an overall percentage rating of their final impression of the property on the application's rating slider.

Best of all, it's free. We advise to use PropertyChecker in conjunction with our complete property report to maximise your property search result as sales data and planning data are not a function of the app.

PropertyChecker is subject to Australian patent 2014100449