Why Us?

Our mission is to help businesses run more efficiently by providing a comprehensive suite of Australian search, intelligence and registration services in the one location - Rod Keys - Founder & CEO

About Us

Through direct access to various Australian government databases, we combine all available products and reports into one comprehensive and convenient location. The range of products we provide includes credit assessment reports, debt reports, personal property reports, police background checks, risk management solutions, property reports, land data information, domain names and hosting services. We have also developed a number of patented products for sectors in property, motor vehicles and employment.

Wider Network

Our wider network of highly regarded business divisions was first established online in 1998, expanding quickly to provide domain name and ownership management, hosting solutions, DNS management, online marketing and web development solutions.

We are highly regarded developers of complex website applications in the retail, finance, accounting, legal and trade services within the Australian market.

Clients & Service

Our clients include government departments, large corporations, SME's, sole traders and researchers. Every client has access to guaranteed information security, flexible payment plans, data storage options, an easy-to-use website interface and a local support team on call.

Information Brokers abides by a dedicated "service before price" model, and is constantly looking to expand our business suite.

ISO 27001-13 Data Security Certified

As Australia's first certified registrar / agency, it is crucial we constantly invest and improve our data security for our clients.

As industry leaders, Information Brokers Pty. Ltd. provides a comprehensive suite of Australian search, intelligence and registration services in the one location.

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NABERS Approved Data Centre

Information Brokers use NEXT DC as their data centre of choice to host their servers.

NEXT DC is an advanced and secure server location which hosts a variety of Australia's critical infrastructure.

NABERS is a national initiative managed by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment on behalf of the Federal, State and Territory governments of Australia. NABERS (which stands for the National Australian Built Environment Rating System) can be used to measure a building’s energy efficiency, carbon emissions, as well as the water consumed, the waste produced and compare it to similar buildings on a 6-star scale.

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ATO Digital Service Provider (Operational Framework Compliant)

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) describe the DSP Operational Framework as a means to increase productivity and community connectivity across the digital economy.

As ISO27001 Data Security certified agents, we are trusted by the ATO to deliver a service that allows our customers to register and cancel products like ABN's, with simplicity and ease, but also with the peace of mind that your data is protected with the utmost integrity.

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auDA Registrar

Information Brokers is accredited by auDA, the non-profit regulator for the .au domain name space, as a trusted Australian registrar.

Accredited registrars have contracts in place with both the regulator and registry, influencing the level of service they can provide to clients. In the Australian market, the level of service is tied to the price paid for registration services: the lower the price paid, the lower the level of service.

Lower priced registrars are often unable to provide a quality service, resorting to offshore support teams which can adversely affect some clients. Information Brokers don’t claim to be the cheapest, but the prices we offer for our quality services are very competitive relative to the marketplace. If you are seeking quality services and local support, you have come to the right place.

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ASIC is Australia’s corporate, market and financial services regulator. Information Brokers has been accredited by ASIC as a trusted provider of ASIC reports. We interface directly with ASIC registries to provide our clients with up-to-the-minute company and director status. We have developed a range of credit reporting products to help clients analyse the credit standing of any company and its directors.

ASIC reports
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auDA Certified

Information Brokers is the first Australian registrar to comply with the mandatory ISS certification introduced by auDA, compulsory to all registrars by November 2015. ISS certification is much like the ISO standard 27001, but has been modified in accordance with the unique attributes of the .au registration network. Information Brokers hosting network is PCI compliant and has been recommended by the ANZ bank.

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auDA Founding Associate Member

Information Brokers is a member of auDA, the government endorsed not-for-profit regulator of the .au domain name space. The services that auDA provides includes overseeing policy, providing support to registrars, implementing consumer safeguards, tendering out the registry operator function, and developing philanthropic and community programs that promote the benefits of the Internet to all Australians.

Being an auDA member means Information Brokers is involved in policy processes by way of steering committees and working groups. As a stakeholder, we are at the forefront of any new technologies and policy changes, which our customers then benefit from. Information Brokers was the world first registrar to be accredited by auDA as Information Security Standard (ISS) compliant, based on the ISO 27001 global standard, confirming our dedication to providing the most secure and innovative services in the market.

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We are accredited by ACIC, the central agency that runs the criminal database of all state and territory police forces, to provide Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks to the general public.

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We are proud providers of land title data reports in conjunction with the commercial arm of the Queensland Government agency, Citec.

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Authorised Broker

We provide improved and equitable financial outcomes for consumers and businesses. These include the application of bankruptcy and personal property securities laws, regulation of personal insolvency practitioners, and trustee services.

Credit & Bankruptcy products
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Our PPSR accreditation allows us to provide a portal for our clients to manage their personal property registrations. Here, clients can create and retrieve registrations, upload attachments, reset registration tokens, transfer, amend or completely discharge registrations

We have also developed a comprehensive motor vehicle report to ensure buyers can comprehensively research a vehicles history.

vehicle reports
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ASIC Edge (Provider Number 33487)

We have developed a sophisticated online Edge software platform that supports both EDGE and ECR formats, allowing documents to be instantly lodged with ASIC. Our online system will be of interest to the accounting & legal sectors, as the platform eliminates costly and cumbersome stand-alone office systems.

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Local Government Supplier

Information Brokers recently were awarded a contract to supply police checks to local governments around Australia. The competitive tender environment and winning the contract shows Information Brokers compliance with ISO 2007 standards provides our supply chain with comfort that they are dealing with a secure and reliable supplier. Information Brokers a local government 2016 panel member.

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Information Brokers Server Network

As part of the Information Brokers network, we run our own server network in Melbourne, Australia, with points of presence in both Sydney and San Francisco. In the near future, our network will expand to both Asia and Europe.

It's part of a structured plan to establish ourselves as a worldwide provider in the fast growing DNS management market after being a major DNS provider in the Australian market for over a decade. We count some of the largest companies in Australia as clients.

Our network is located in what is regarded as the best data centre network in Australia. Our upstream IP transit providers are also regarded as one of the best and fastest growing providers in Australasia.

Our web and e-mail hosting network is very well regarded, and now our shared hosting services are PCI compliant, resulting in recommendation from the ANZ bank.

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