DIY Web Builder

DIY Web Builder

Product Overview

With Information Brokers, you can complement your domain name and hosting registrations with a cost-effective web design option. Web Builder allows you to build a site from scratch quickly and easily that will look great and function smoothly.

If you do not seek the services of a designer, Web Builder gives you the ability to build anything from a simple information portal to a fully functional eCommerce site. With a number of templates for any industry, along with modules and applications for any purpose (shopping carts, slideshows, flash/video content, social media integration etc.), your options are abundant.

Your website can be built, designed and implemented with just a few clicks. Web Builder also comes with a 30 day free trial to get you started, ensuring you have sufficient time to try it out and familiarise yourself with the product.

Who Is It For?

Anybody looking to implement a website for business or personal reasons. Web Builder is the ideal choice for individuals and businesses that want a fast, simple way of getting online without the need for any technical design skills or large amounts of time and money spent on web designers.

What Do You Get Out Of It?

A self-made website – complete with a 30 day free trial, domain name and hosting plan – which supports:

  • Easy-to-use design tools
  • Mobile browser optimisation
  • Social media integration
  • Industry specific website templates and topics
  • Google analytics
  • Space for ads
  • Drag and drop modules
  • Shopping carts and other payment gateways
  • Easy to understand control panel

The Application Process

Try using Web Builder by entering the editor. If at any time during your free 30 day trial you wish to go live with your design, click "Buy Service Plan" and select a hosting plan to implement with the website you have created in Web Builder.

Once purchased you will be able to login and publish the website, then you can keep developing and publishing whenever you like, however you like, and often as you like – for free.

Why Go With Information Brokers?

Information Brokers is dedicated to providing the highest standard in search and intelligence services – it's why we're the only company to provide an all-encompassing range of company, personal property, land data and web services all in the one location.

Our expert local support staff are on hand to help you with any queries, guaranteeing a high level customer service and satisfaction. Through various industry partnerships and vast experience in web development and hosting, our services are official, verified and of the highest quality.

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