How do I order a Victorian Title Search?

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How do I order a Victorian Title Search? Monday, June 18, 2018

A VIC Title Search is an up-to-date report on the status of a Victorian Land Title (a Certificate of Title), direct from the Victorian Land Registry (the Titles Office).  Amongst other information, a Title Search will give you details of the current registered proprietor, along with any current encumbrances on the Title, eg Mortgages, Caveats, Covenants, etc.

There are many and varied reasons our clients order Title Searches:

Many clients require a Title Search because they’ve applied for a council permit to renovate or extend their home, while others require a Title Search because they are selling their property.

Some wish to find out who owns a specific property, while others want to check the details on their own Title, eg the correct spelling of their names or the “manner of holding” (Joint Proprietors vs Tenants in Common).

Some want to check on the existence of Caveats, Covenants, Mortgages, etc, while others want to confirm that a Mortgage has been discharged or a Caveat withdrawn.

Whatever your reason, our VIC Title Search is quick and easy to obtain, being delivered to you via email within a few minutes of your order being placed.

Should you have any queries when placing your order, our experienced Land Data Team is only an email or phone call away.

This ease of searching, coupled with our attentive and friendly customer service, keeps our clients coming back to Information Brokers time and time again.