NSW Owner/Lessee Inquiry

The Owner/Lessee Inquiry is useful when needing to confirm the owner/lessee of a property before proceeding with other searches, as it returns references to any titles or water access licences that are currently owned or leased by an individual or corporation.


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This information is provided as a searching aid only. The Registrar General do not guarantee that the information provided discloses details of all land/premises owned/leased by the party searched against. The information returned relates to owners/lessees registered from 1971 onwards except in relation to current lease information which is returned from 1998 onwards. Manual indexes are available for records registered prior to 1971. Note: * indicates Lessee name.
Please note: Depending on what information you are after, you may need to do two searches in order to obtain the results you want.
  • The above search returns the Title Reference numbers for the owner/lessee name you have searched. If you also want a Title Search, you will then need to do a NSW Title Search using the Title Reference numbers provided in your first search.
  • On the other hand, if you are wanting a Title Search and you already have the Title Reference numbers, you can simply order the Title Search here.