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Product Overview

The National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) contains records about the bankruptcy status of individuals in Australia. A bankruptcy extract delivers those records to you. Please note that this search incurs a cost even if a person is found not to have a history of insolvency.

Who Is It For?

Anybody seeking to find out a person's bankruptcy status or history, in particular creditors or lenders.

What Do You Get Out Of It?

National Bankruptcy Extract contains the individual's personal information and the details of their bankruptcy. This includes their name and occupation, type and date of proceeding and bankruptcy, administration number, and name and business address of the trustee or administrator.

The Application Process

To proceed with an order, you must order a Bunkruptcy Report, after which you will receive an email. Follow the link to sign in with your account and perform the Bankruptcy search.

You only need to provide a given name and surname to complete the process, but you can refine the search using an administration number, which is the unique identifier using the following format: State specific number/year/check digit, e.g 'QLD 222/12/7'.

If the search delivers a result, the report should be generated and delivered immediately to your inbox. Please note that a bankruptcy search must be paid for before use, and charges still apply if no individual is found from the search. However, should a name return over 54 results, you can return to refine the search.

Why Go With Information Brokers?

Information Brokers is dedicated to providing the highest standard in search and intelligence services – it's why we're the only company to provide an all-encompassing range of company, personal property, land data and web services all in the one location.

Our expert local support staff are on hand to help you with any queries, guaranteeing a high level customer service and satisfaction. Through our partnership with the NPII, our bankruptcy extract services are official and verified.