QLD | What search criteria should I use to Search by Plan?

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QLD | What search criteria should I use to Search by Plan?
Entering the Plan Type and Plan Number will return a free list of all titles associated with that plan. Charges are only incurred if a selection is made from the list of title references. As noted in Search by Lot/Plan, any plan with a prefix not included on the Valid Plan Type list is likely to be a Crown Plan. To search on a crown plan enter CP as the Plan Type and include all other details (non-standard prefix and number) in the Plan Number field, e.g. Lot 2a/RL12345 should be entered as Plan Type 'CP', Plan Number 'RL12345'. Note: Search by Plan is a multi-search; up to 10 plans can be entered at a time. Each Lot/Plan listed in the browse list is treated as a separate search and each search will incur a separate charge. The system will only return a maximum number of rows. If there are too many matches found for any given owner name a message will be displayed indicating that the maximum has been exceeded. You may wish to refine your search criteria if the required title is not returned.