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WordPress | Recommended Plugins

Below is a list of plugins we recommend for Wordpress.

Backup & clone

- WP Clone by WP Academy. Here is how it works: the "Backup" function will give you a URL that you can then copy and paste into the "Restore" dialog of a new WordPress site, which will clone the original site to the new site. You must install the plugin on the new site and then run the WP Clone > Restore function.


- WP-fail2ban

Gives brute force protection by logging failed attempts to login as a user.  If enough failed attempts are detected remote IP is banned for a period of time.  Provided you have a reasonably secure password it should make it impractical for someone to try and guess the admin credentials to your site.  To use simple install and activate the plugin.  The only requirement is that the site be running php 5.3 which all of our servers support.