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QLD | Lands Title Search

Product Overview

A Title is a legal document confirming possession of land. All Queensland titles are archived digitally on the Automated Titles System (ATS), established in 1994.

Who Is It For?

Title Search results are available for anybody conducting land investigations, looking for information on land titles and who possesses them

What Do You Get Out Of It?

A title search will reveal information such as title reference number, land description, owner and estate details, title conditions, encumbrances and status information. Please allow up to a business day for delivery of results.

The Application Process

The process begins by determining what you're searching for whether it be a Title Reference, Lot Plan, Owner Name, Title Reference or Previous Title. Each option will provide the necessary fields to complete the search and return the information you're looking for.

Why Go With Information Brokers?

Information Brokers is dedicated to providing the highest standard in search and intelligence services – it's why we're the only company to provide an all-encompassing range of company, personal property, land data and web services all in the one location. Our expert local support staff are on hand to help you with any queries, guaranteeing a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Through partnerships with government bodies, our Title Search results are official and verified, alongside our other land data services.