How do I order a NSW Title Search?

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How do I order a NSW Title Search? Monday, June 18, 2018

A NSW Title Search is an up-to-date electronic report issued directly by the NSW Land Registry Services (Titles Office) in Sydney.

Information provided in a NSW Title Search includes: The name of the current registered owner/s, the Folio Reference (lot & plan numbers), the Title Edition number, any Encumbrances, and any other Notifications or Notations on the Title.

Our clients purchase Title Searches for many reasons:

Someone selling a property, or acting for a seller, will order a Title Search for insertion into the Sale Contract.

Some clients want to check who the registered owner of a property is, or to check that they are registered correctly on their own Title.

Some wish to check on the existence of any Encumbrances on a Title (eg Mortgages, Caveats, Easements, Leases, Covenants), or to confirm the removal of an encumbrance.

Other clients wish to obtain an Instrument Number so they can order a scanned copy of a Document that has been registered on a Title, eg a Transfer of Land, a Caveat, a Covenant, or any other Instrument or Encumbrance.

Whatever the purpose of your search, ordering a NSW Title Search from us is simple and quick. Your Title Search will be emailed to you only a few minutes after your order has been made.

Should you have any queries when placing your order, our experienced Land Data Team is only an email or phone call away.

This ease of searching, coupled with our attentive and friendly customer service, keeps our clients coming back to Information Brokers time and time again.