I need a copy of a document / dealing / instrument registered on a VIC Title

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I need a copy of a document / dealing / instrument registered on a VIC Title Monday, June 18, 2018

A VIC Instrument Search is a scanned image of an original document lodged and registered at the Victorian Land Registry in Melbourne (the Titles Office).

There are various different types of documents that may be registered on a Title, such as the following most common examples:

Transfers of Land, Mortgages, Caveats, & Covenants.

There are a variety of reasons for doing an Instrument Search, such as the following:

You may need a copy of your Transfer of Land for a First Home Owners Grant or a stamp duty refund application.

You might order a copy of your Mortgage so you can check on how much your original loan amount was, or other pertinent details of the Mortgage.

You may want to see a copy of a Caveat that has been lodged against your Title.

You might need a copy of the Covenant affecting your property, for subdivision, building, renovation, or extension purposes.

There are many more reasons for doing an Instrument Search but whatever your reason is, you will find the ordering process user-friendly, with fast delivery of your search via email.

Should you have any queries, our experienced Land Data Team is only an email or phone call away.

This ease of searching, coupled with our attentive and friendly customer service, keeps our clients coming back to Information Brokers time and time again.