How do I order a copy of a WA Document?

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How do I order a copy of a WA Document? Monday, July 9, 2018

A WA Document Search will return a scan of the original paper Document (also known as an Instrument or a Dealing) lodged at Landgate (the Western Australian Title Registry Office) in Perth.

There are many different Documents that can be searched via the Information Brokers website. Here are a few examples:

Caveat, Application Affecting Encumbrance, Charge, Transfer, Deed/Declaration of Trust, Easement, Lease, Mortgage, Power of Attorney.

No matter which Document you require, you will find our website quick and easy to use, with your search usually returned to you via email, within a few minutes.

Simply click on to go straight to the ordering page.

If you don’t have the relevant document number, you can go to our WA homepage, at and click on Which Search Do I Need? Then choose Copy of a Document, and follow the prompts.

Should you have any queries, our experienced Land Data Team is only an email or phone call away.