QLD | What search criteria should I use to Search by Owner Name?

A wildcard can be used when searching on a company name or surname but must be preceded by at least 3 characters (minimum 1 character for given names). If you do not use a wildcard the search will look for exact matches in that field. When searching for a company, always use the least common words as your search criteria. For more information see Wildcard Examples. A free list of title references with owner names which may match the search criteria will be displayed. Charges are only incurred if a selection is made from the list of title references. The system will only return a maximum number of rows. If there are too many matches found for any given owner name a message will be displayed indicating that the maximum has been exceeded. You may wish to refine your search criteria if the required title is not returned. Individuals who have requested that their details be suppressed will not be displayed in the browse list.

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