VIC | What is an Automated Title?

An Automated Title is an electronic version of a Certificate of Title.  It will display the complete information about a Title as text in a standard format. All new Titles, and an increasing number of existing Titles, are automated. They are identified as Register Search Statements and each extract begins with an ALTS security number, the volume/folio number of the Title, and a date/time stamp signifying that the information is current. Title details are grouped under the following headings: Land Description, Registered Proprietor (showing type of ownership, & name and address of Proprietor/s), Encurmbrances, Caveats and Notices (showing type of instrument, its number, and date of registration), Diagram Location (showing title diagram or plan details), Dealing Activity in the Last 125 Days (showing Dealing Number, Type, status, and date), Administrative Notices (if applicable), and Owners Corporation information (if applicable).

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