Outlook 2011 - 2014 for Mac - Email Setup

This article describes how to read a mail box using Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac

You will need the following...

Email Address
Email Password

1. If you’re opening Microsoft Outlook 2011 for the first time click Add Account and skip down to Step 5

2. If you already have emails set up in the account click on Tools and then Accounts down the bottom of the menu.


3. On the Accounts window click the option for Email Account

4. Now you will be presented with a page entitled Enter Your Account Information window which will ask for you to enter the following information:

Email Address: Enter your email address

Password: Enter your email password

User Name: Enter your email address again

Type: Select either POP (keep email on your computer) or IMAP (keep emails on the server)

Incoming Server: mail.ib.com.au

Override Default Port:
Make sure this box unclicked

Use SSL To Connect (Recommended): Make sure this box is ticked

Outgoing Server: mail.ib.com.au

Override Default Port: Click this box, then change the default port number 25 to 465

Use SSL To Connect (Recommended): Make sure this box is ticked

5. Click the Add Account button. You will be taken back to the Accounts window, and your newly created account is listed at the left side of the window.

6. Now click the More Options button below the Outgoing Server section.

7. In the More Options window, change the popup menu for Authentication to Use Incoming Server Info, then click the OK button to return to the Accounts window.

8. Close the Accounts window to return to the main Outlook email window. All done!

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