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Weebly FAQ
Why use Weebly Website Builder?
All Information Brokers Web hosting plans include a FREE Weebly Website Builder.

It's easy to use, mobile friendly and your business can be up on the internet quickly. You can update the content at anytime. You are in charge. Weebly Website Builder gives you a low cost entry to getting your business on the internet fast.
I can see different Weebly plans, which one should I choose?
The most popular plan is the Starter Plan. This gives you the ability to customise the header and footer of your website and removes Weebly ads and includes a FREE SSL Certificate.

This option adds another level of professionalism to your site.

This plan includes a FREE SSL certificate when you order with Information Brokers.
What does an SSL certificate do?
It secures your website which is good for your customers visiting your site. Google prefers secure sites for ranking.

For the FREE Weebly Website builder you can by an SSL certificate for $49 per year and we can install it for you for FREE which saves you $50. (normally $99 for the SSL and installation).

For the Starter Plan, the SSL Certificate is included FREE when you order withInformation Brokers.
I want to offer an online store?
The Starter Plan has online stores included.

The Starter allows for 10 products which is a good starter plan.
Which hosting plan do I choose to pair up with the Weebly Website Builder?
Information Brokers offer a number of hosting plans to suit. Any plan including the FREE Weebly Website Builder can be easily upgraded to include the Weebly Starter Plan.

The key question to ask yourself is how many email addresses you need and how many websites you plan to get hosted.

Once you know the answers to these questions, you should be able to select the right hosting plan for your business.

Check the compare plans and you will see the number of emails included as well as the number of hosted websites included.