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Company Name: DEMORGAN LTD
Company Current Name:
Company Status : De-registered
ABN: 26 601 560 525
ACN: 601 560 525
Company Type: Australian public company
Company Class: Limited by Shares
Company Subclass: ULST
Locality NSW, 2113
Date of registration 09/01/14
Credit Report on DEMORGAN LTD

A credit report provides an indicator of business stability through its organisation overview, director details, corporate structure and debt and payment habits. The report contains detailed information about DEMORGAN LTD ( ACN 601560525 , ABN 26 601 560 525 ) and its directors including a credit rating score to quickly establish if you want to extend credit to the company.

A free alert system is provided when DEMORGAN LTD or its officers submit documents to ASIC or the PPSR. This alert is delivered to you via email. If you choose you can order a new credit report by using the link provided within the alert.

An overview of the company name(s), address(es) and type(s) over time, detailing all historical changes where applicable.

A list of directors and officeholders, past and present, and details of their tenures over time. Includes personal details (dates of birth, addresses) and any director court orders and details where applicable.

A list and summary of charges lodged against the company in ASIC, and their status (satisfied, unresolved etc).

Documents attached to the company in ASIC, including company amendments, court orders, and external administration and/or appointment of controller where applicable.

The company's credit score out 100 with a breakdown of charges, annual returns, share capital and other relevant details.

A free alert system is provided when or it's officers submit documents to ASIC or the PPSR direct to your inbox.


Information Brokers is not affiliated with DEMORGAN LTD ( ACN 601 560 525 , ABN 26601560525 ) and does not hold their contact details. We are an accredited credit reporting agency that provides risk assessments of companies and their directors.

Please Note: The information presented on this page is historical in nature meaning the status and other information of this company and any associated business name(s) may not be current. Only by ordering a Company Credit Report or Company Extract can you obtain the current company information on DEMORGAN LTD.