How can I trace the history of a Victorian Title or property?

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How can I trace the history of a Victorian Title or property? Monday, June 18, 2018

Our VIC Historical Investigations & Title Searching service has been developed by our experienced land title data team, using their expertise in land Title searches. The service provides research and investigations into the ownership history and historical Title records of a property.
What information will I get from the HITS service? No two HITS inquiries are the same, however our service always provides detailed information on the history of a land Title, or of a property, going as far back as you wish us to delve. The service will provide you with historical Title searches, and scanned images of historical documents such as Transfers of Land, and old paper Title deeds, showing historical diagrams, and the full history of the Title, including previous owners' names, relevant dates, and historical sale prices.
Who uses the HITS service? We have a very wide range of clients, both private and professional, and they all have different reasons for using our service. Some wish to research historical information for their own personal interest, and others, for the purposes of writing a book or article. Other clients are researching their family tree, where it pertains to historical property ownship, or investigating past property ownership in the case of a disputed Will. Yet others simply wish to research historical sale prices.
If you wish to enquire into this product, please click on this link:, then scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the "Enquire" button next to Historical Investigations & Title Searching.

Whatever the reason, anyone who wishes to research the history of a Title, or the history of a property, will derive great satisfaction from using Information Brokers' service. If you ever wondered who used to live in your house, this is the product for you.