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  • VIC Title Search

    A Title Search confirms possession of land, returning either an automated or an imaged title, also identifying the land description and registered proprietor(s) and any associated instruments, dealings or owners corporations. Read More...

    $18.50 AUD
  • VIC Copy of Plan

    Copy of Title Plan return scanned images of original Plan of Subdivision and its details, including boundaries of a land parcel, depth limitations, easements and more. Read More...

    $18.50 AUD
  • VIC Owners Corporation Premium Report

    The Owners Corporation Premium Report provides information about land affected by owners corporation, limitations, postal address, rules, notations, entitlements and liability, folio references and details of the owners corporation manager. Read More...

    $19.00 AUD
  • VIC Instrument Search

    An Instrument Search returns an imaged copy of an Instrument, along with date of registration and name of registrant. Instruments include transfers, mortgages, caveats, plans of subdivisions or consolidations. Read More...

    $16.50 AUD
  • VIC Title Diagram

    A Title Diagram is part of an imaged title showing the boundaries and details of a land parcel, used when a title has been automated and an imaged plan is not available. Read More...

    $18.50 AUD
  • VIC Historical Title Search

    A Historical Search returns folio creation details, dealings, image of paper title and previous land descriptions and proprietorship details where available. Read More...

    $23.00 AUD
  • VIC Final Search

    The Final Search lists the current status and location of any unregistered dealings affecting a Title. Read More...

    $16.00 AUD
  • VIC Issue Search

    An Issue Search identifies the last duplicate copy of a title, plan or instrument, along with details such as dealing and receipt numbers, issue date, the recipient and their address. Read More...

    $16.00 AUD
  • VIC Dealing Search

    A Dealing Search determines the status of a dealing within Land Registry (the Titles Office), showing the status, controlling party details and relevant dates for a nominated dealing number. Read More...

    $16.00 AUD
  • VIC Titles Affected by an Instrument

    The Title Affected by an Instrument search returns an online statement identifying each title affected by a given instrument, listing the type of instrument, registration date, image status and relevant titles by volume/folio. Read More...

    $16.00 AUD
  • VIC Pre-lodgement Check

    A pre-lodgement search is used to confirm that a duplicate title has been temporarily returned to the Victorian Lands Office for registering of a new dealing. The result that shows a title is not on the system indicates that the title has not been receipted. Read More...

    $16.00 AUD
  • VIC Index Search by Address

    An address search returns a title reference (Volume & Folio numbers), municipality, council property number (when available) and Lot & Plan description for all matching addresses. Read More...

    $19.00 AUD
  • VIC Index Search by Lot & Plan

    A Lot & Plan Search returns land information including address, property description and a revised property description for all matching properties. Read More...

    $19.00 AUD
  • VIC Index Search by Volume & Folio

    A Volume & Folio search returns details such as Lot & Plan, address, parish/municipality, proprietors and owners corporation details for matching properties. Read More...

    $19.00 AUD
  • VIC Index Search by Owner Name

    An Owner Name Search provides the title reference (volume/folio), municipality and lot/plan descriptions for all properties held by the subject name. Read More...

    $19.00 AUD
  • VIC Index Search by Exact Owner Name

    An Exact Owner Name index Search provides the title reference, municipality and lot & plan descriptions for all properties held by the proprietor. Read More...

    $19.00 AUD

  • To guard against inappropriate use of information, the Victorian Government requires a Landata Deed of Grant to be signed prior to allowing any Index Searching. This is a once-only requirement and only affects Index Searches. You will be directed to download the Deed when you purchase your first Index Search. You will then be free to undertake future Index Searches with us without having to sign another Deed.

    Historical Investigations and Title Searching

    • Our HITS service is available if you don't know where to begin your investigations into the historical details of a property, or simply don't have the time it takes to do it yourself.

      This service can assist you by undertaking the research for you to provide you with the historical information you seek on a property, such as copies of old paper Titles, historical diagrams, previous owners names, relevant dates, and historical sale prices.