VIC Index Search by Lot & Plan

A Lot & Plan Search returns land information including address, property description and a revised property description for all matching properties.


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CP - Plan of Consolidation
CS - Cluster Subdivision
LP - Lodged Plan
PC - Plan of Consolidation
PS - Plan of Subdivision
RP - Registered Plan
SP - Strata Plan
TP - Title Plan

A two-letter Plan type prefix forms part of the Plan number you are using to do this search. Please select the applicable prefix above.
Please enter the Plan number, which will be up to 6 numeric digits in length. There should be no letters at the beginning, although there may be one letter at the end (as per our example).
Please note: Depending on what information you are after, you may need to do two searches in order to obtain the results you want.
  • The above search returns the Title Reference numbers for the property you have searched. If you also want a Title Search, you will then need to order a VIC Title Search using the Title Reference numbers provided in your first search.
  • On the other hand, if you are wanting a Title Search and you already have the Title Reference (Volume & Folio numbers), you can simply order the Title Search here.
  • You need to complete and sign a Deed of Grant when ordering a VIC Index Search.