How can I get a copy of my Victorian Title Plan?

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How can I get a copy of my Victorian Title Plan? Monday, June 18, 2018

A VIC Copy of Plan is a scanned image of the most recent version of the Plan registered with the Victorian Land Registry in Melbourne (the Titles Office).

There are several different types of Plans in Victoria, and you can order any of them through our website.

The different types of Plans are: PS (Plan of Subdivision), LP (Lodged Plan), TP (Title Plan), SP (Strata Plan), RP (Registered Plan), CS (Cluster Subdivision), and PC or CP (Plan of Consolidation).

A VIC Copy of Plan is a diagram of the subdivision of the “parent” (previous) parcel of land. The diagram shows all the lots included on a specific plan. This can vary from only one lot to hundreds, depending on the Plan type.

Additional information a Copy of Plan may show: the boundaries & measurements of each lot, any Easement/s on the Plan, relevant streets and roads, parent Title and Plan references, and lot entitlement/liability & limited Owners Corporation information (where applicable).

There are lots of reasons our clients order a Copy of Plan:

Many clients wish to check for the existence of easements before they make plans for renovating or extending their house, while others want to check on the existence/position of a building envelope when building a new house.

Some clients want to know the exact size or measurements of their parcel of land, while others want to ensure that their fences are in the correct position.

Some of our other clients need a Copy of Plan because they are planning to further subdivide their block, eg a dual occupancy situation, and others need a Copy of Plan to go with their Title Search when selling a property.

Yet others, order a Copy of Plan because they want to know exactly what they own, when living in a multi-storey building or a block of units, eg is their balcony / back yard included on the Title?

No matter your reason, ordering our VIC Copy of Plan is a quick & simple process, with your Plan being emailed to you only minutes after you have placed your order.

Should you have any queries when placing your order, our experienced Land Data Team at Information Brokers is only an email or phone call away.

This ease of searching, coupled with our attentive and friendly customer service, keeps our clients coming back to Information Brokers time and time again.