What if I'm a New Zealand resident or citizen?

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What if I'm a New Zealand resident or citizen?

Category A documents for New Zealand Residents/Citizens

Information Brokers Pty Ltd is bound by the requirements under the Commonwealth’s National Identity Proofing Guidelines when processing Police Checks (Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check).

This means we are required to collect one of the following documents under Category A of the verification process:

  • an Australian birth certificate
  • an Australian passport
  • an immigration record or document

Australian visas are now granted electronically and linked everybody’s passport.
All non-citizens in Australia must hold a visa – these records can be obtained via the Commonwealth’s Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) service. 

Most New Zealand citizens are automatically granted a Special Category Visa (SCV) (subclass 444).
New Zealand citizens in Australia can contact the Home Affairs office to receive a VEVO password which is used to check, obtain & email your visa details via the VEVO website.



Please note - if you; 

  • Arrived in Australia prior to 1990 and have not travelled since, you may not be able to verify your visa details using VEVO.
    Instead, you can get an electronic record created and a relevant visa granted by following the information on the Home Affairs website.
  • Are a New Zealand citizen but are not currently in Australia, please contact our support team to discuss which ID documents can be supplied.
    Our support team can be contacted via:


New Zealand residents in Australia must ensure that their passport remains current while they are in Australia. If a new passport is issued after an Australian visa is granted, the passport holder must notify the Department of Home Affairs of their new passport details to ensure that their visa record remains up-to-date. 

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