Switching settings from informationbrokers.com.au to ib.com.au

This article explains how to update the hostnames in your email client from informationbrokers.com.au to ib.com.au which can be done at any time prior to the 16th of August 2015.


File -> Info -> Account Settings -> Account settings -> double click on your email address ->


Incoming mail server: mail.ib.com.au
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.ib.com.au

Click next and it will test the settings and then say congratulations! -> Finish. 

Mac Mail

Mail -> Preferences -> accounts -> Select your account (if more than one) ->


Incoming mail server: mail.ib.com.au

Now close the page to save your changes.   Important!  Do this before changing the outgoing settings or mac mail will forget the above settings.

If you are using us to send emails you will likely have the outgoing mail server as smtp.informationbrokers.com.au  Click on this and select "Edit SMTP Server List"   Click on smtp.quick.net.au and in the account information section replace smtp.informationbrokers.com.au with smtp.ib.com.au, generally it will just be the host name but could also be the description if it is not blank.  Click OK and you are finished.  All done!

iSO iPhone / iPad

From the home screen click Mail -> Contacts & Calendars -> Tap on your account and then tap on the mail section to bring up the settings.  Scroll dowm to Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) if it says smtp.informationbrokers.com.au then you need to adjust it as follows, otherwise skip this section and go to next paragraph.  Tap on smtp.informationbrokers.com.au, this brings up a list of all the configured smtp servers.  Tap on smtp.informationbrokers.com.au, change the Host Name to smtp.ib.com.au and click Done in the top right.  Now tap top left <account to go back one screen. 

Scroll down and look for the Incoming mail server Host Name and change this from mail.informationbrokers.com.au to mail.ib.com.au and tap 'Done' in the top right to save your changes.  the settings will verify and you are finished.


Click the hamburger (3 stacked horizontal lines) in top right the screen to access the menu then select Options -> Account Settings -> select your account and select 'Server Settings'   The second option down is Server Name, change this from mail.informationbrokers.com.au to mail.ib.com.au

Now click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) on bottom right of the screen.  Click on smtp.ib.com.au and select Edit.  Change the Server Name from smtp.informationbrokers.com.au to smtp.ib.com.au and click OK.  You will be taken back to the SMTP server list, click OK to close this as well and that's it. 

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